“I had the opportunity to report to him directly (when I worked in Sara Lee): Miquel plays fair, he is demanding giving you the space to take responsibility and create your strategies. Even in very heavy work periods he stays calm and keeps his agenda updated. For younger managers as me, he has the attraction of a great leader, you always get an answer to your questions.”

Philipp Lacambra Blömecke,
Head of Procurement South Europe & AME de Syngenta

“Miquel has a very large experience in managing business, specially Global Supply Chain solutions, he is able to define projects and objectives with a great vision. Used to lead strategic projects focus on results and based on a win/win approach.”

Jesús Hernández,
Managing Director de ID Logistics

“Miquel was the consumate professional that was able to work well at all levels, from managing the sales and implementation of the software, to managing the integration process from board level down to the operational execution.”

Adrián Apodaca,
Director, Distributor Operation (1993-99) de Descartes Systems Group

Energy, focus & drive to achieve results all describe Miquel. What makes him special is adding the word generosity to this mix. I had the privilege of working with Miquel, and as he became so proficient at networking, we hired him to give networking seminars to help other candidates be more effective. We´ve had great feedback on his sessions (Jan,2010)

Deanna Hellman,
Exec. Career Coach & Business Developer de Creade-Lee Hetch Harrison

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Juntos mejoramos sus resultados en Supply Chain - Operaciones

Nacemos con esta apasionante MISIÓN: mejorar la eficiencia de la cadena de suministro integral/operaciones de nuestros clientes

  • Soluciones prácticas.
  • Simplificando los procesos y los flujos de materiales/información, desde proveedores a cliente final.
  • Aumentando la eficiencia de procesos operativos y planificación global.
  • Desarrollando y potenciando sus capacidades humanas y técnicas.
  • Aportando metodología y gestión eficiente del tiempo de los equipos.
  • Implementando juntos las mejoras decididas

  • Nuestra AMBICIÓN es ser “partner-socio” estratégico de nuestros clientes, aportándoles continuamente las mejores soluciones para la toma de decisiones mejores, al tiempo que les facilitamos el contacto con nuevos “partners-socios” de referencia para lograr máxima eficiencia en sus procesos.